Making the move from AAA to Policy Management

A quick look at why authentication, authorization and
accounting – or AAA and RA DIUS – were developed can easily
take you back more than a decade.

Acronyms and phrases like modems, roaming between ISPs,
UNI X, and AOL come to mind. Users had one device and
were chained to wired desktops. And IT managed everything –
devices, applications and access to network resources.

Authentication for one user with one device, using very
fixed criteria, is a thing of the past. In fact, 65% of users now
have three or more devices. They access email and secure
enterprise resources from anywhere and at any time. This
next-generation workforce, known as #GenMobile, is pushing
the limits of IT and legacy AAA platforms.

So we are now faced with a new challenge: What’s the best
way to implement policy management to enforce behavioral
policies related to mobility, the use of personally-owned
devices and multiple types of devices per person?