When It Makes Sense to Move to Desktop Virtualization: Seven Key Indicators

Consolidating your datacenter through server virtualization with
VMware® vSphere® has provided you with many benefits, including
saving physical space, reducing power and cooling costs, lowering
management costs and more. Now, you can apply the same basic
strategy to dealing with end-user systems by virtualizing desktops—
and reap many benefits.

With the quantity and growing variety of devices that you must
purchase, secure, manage and upgrade, it may be time to consider
implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with VMware®
Horizon View™. This approach delivers a rich, personalized, virtualized
desktop computing experience for users, and it centralizes and
automates management for administrators.

The question is: How do you know when it’s time to move to VDI?
Seven key indicators are signs that your organization is ready for
the benefits of desktop virtualization.