LifeSize® – A division of Logitech

Organisations need a solution to broadcast video and data, over the internet, to large audiences – both live and on demand – and the ability to record video calls in high definition. Current solutions are difficult to implement and use, lack flexibility and scalability, and require additional equipment and special software. LifeSize® Video Center, the first single appliance for high definition recording, streaming and auto-publishing, offers organisations a method to deliver content at the touch of a button. The LifeSize Video Center appliance is specifically designed to process high definition video directly where it is created, harnessing the power of LifeSize endpoints: specifically LifeSize® PassportTM*, LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize®*, and LifeSize® 220TM series high definition endpoints. With LifeSize Video Center, organisations instantly benefit from the ease of deployment and use. Users can easily record, stream and automatically publish to the web by initiating the record function and entering the recording key.