JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Oracle WebL ogic Se rver Enterprise Edition

The technology foundation for both JBoss Enterprise Middleware from Red Hat and Oracle
Fusion Middleware is the application platform. Red Hat and Oracle offer their application
platforms, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Oracle WebLogic Server (respectively),
as standalone technology. Application platforms are also the basis of other enterprise technologies
such as enterprise service bus, business rules engine, complex events processing, business
process management, and more.
Both Red Hat and Oracle base their latest application platform offering on Java Enterprise
Edition (JEE) specification v6, which means their offerings share more than 40 major
technologies and features. With such common functionality, it may be hard to find
appreciable differences between the competing application platforms.
The differences lie in the economics of the competing application platforms, the implementation
of the JEE specification, open standards support, and other non-JEE specification features.
These choices make each application platform unique. Companies evaluating application
platforms should weigh the value of each capability carefully before deciding which one to
select. For example, some evaluations may conclude that non-JEE specification features have
high-value potential but carry unacceptable application portability risk.1 In another example,
examining use cases may lead to the conclusion that one application platform fits most needs,
but another has extra or special capabilities useful to only a small—but important—number of
use cases. Can you use two application platforms or are you looking to select a standard used
everywhere within your company? Some companies adopt a mixed application platform
environment to save costs or reduce their reliance on the product plan and strategy of a
single technology vendor. Ultimately, there are many factors that influence your selection
of an application platform.