ITG Executive Summary: Cost/Benefit Case for IBM System Storage DS8870: Comparing costs with EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K

The rate of change in the storage world continues to accelerate. Adoption of new technologies such as
virtualization and flash (semiconductor) memory has become pervasive.

High-end disk arrays have not been an exception to these trends. There has been a large-scale shift toward
use of hybrid, multi-tier architectures that employ flash technology and conventional hard disk drives
(HDDs) to boost performance and reduce media costs.

The two platforms that are the focus of this report – IBM System Storage DS8870 and EMC Symmetrix
VMAX 40K – have been at the forefront of this shift. Both combine advanced tiering with established
strengths in stability, availability and recoverability that are mandated for core business-critical systems.
There are, however, differences in pricing practices and technology strategies that affect comparative costs.