IT Management Starts at Layer 2 Three Simple Steps to Greater Network Efficiency

Efficient Networks are Built on Information
You want great performance, high availability, and cost-effective operation. To get it, you need fast access to
comprehensive, real-time information about your:
• Hardware and software: What devices are on your network and how they’re connected
• Wired, wireless, physical, and virtual infrastructures: All the infrastructure factors that affect network
operations, from oversubscribed wireless access points, to incorrectly configured routers, to performancereducing
• Software licensing: Whether your software licenses are current for all the devices on your network
Gathering this information has traditionally been a painstaking, time-consuming process that many IT administrators
undertake only when necessary for inventory or compliance purposes. Fortunately, times change. Now automated
Layer 2 discovery, mapping, and reporting can give you all the information you need to make spot-on network
management decisions, faster than ever before.