IT Audit Report – EMC IT: Leading the Transformation

EMC Corporation’s IT organization launched a transformational journey toward cloud computing beginning in 2004. In 2009, ESG published an initial audit of EMC’s achievements, documenting their impressive initial savings on equipment and power as well as improvements in productivity, efficiency, and resource utilization. We published an update in 2010 as EMC reached important milestones in its server virtualization, tiering, and automation efforts.

This 2013 update finds EMC leveraging the firm foundation of efficiency they have built; a key focus is on new levels of agility and productivity that EMC can achieve through a new cloud operating model for offering IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS). By sharing its experience through its EMC IT Proven program and a series of IT Audits, EMC offers a valuable service to other organizations that may have a vision for such a transformation but are struggling with what steps to take and what results to expect.