Innovating Through Cloud Technologies: Change is in Your Hands

Realizing the business value of cloud is one of today’s key challenges in enterprise IT. The key strategic capabilities of cloud – agility, resiliency and efficiency — can only be harnessed if the IT organization possesses the automation, orchestration and integration capabilities required to tie together hardware and software along the lines of business processes. This is a non-trivial challenge as there are many different clouds – private and public – available today, each of which is targeted toward a specific set of use cases. Centrally enforcing compliance, security and cost efficiency to enable the organization to take full advantage of today’s world of many clouds requires a service management platform that facilitates policy driven provisioning and management of entire services consisting of application and infrastructure components sourced from multiple clouds.

EMA research shows that organizations typically encounter numerous challenges when leveraging cloud. These issues do not emerge on PowerPoint during the cloud vendor’s sales presentation, but become evident when the cloud deployment project begins. In addition, most enterprises have much work left to do in terms of data center automation, as well as breaking down technology silos. Cloud platforms must integrate with the existing data center infrastructure, including enterprise applications and data sources, in order to facilitate the generation of true business value.