Industry Experts Speak Out: The Network Performance and Security Trade-Off

In Star Trek, it always seemed as if one second, Kirk was asking Scotty to divert more power to
the shields and the next, he was demanding more power to the engines. As it turns out, this
scenario isn’t all that different from those regularly faced by network and security teams at
large organizations.
Businesses of all types demand high performance speeds for their employees and customers.
When a network goes down or is running slowly, it can mean anything from an overwhelmed IT
help desk and reduced productivity to lost data and transactions.
Often, the solution is to disable some of the firewall’s security features to increase throughput.
However, with a different security breach making headlines each month, many organizations
are learning this is no longer a risk worth taking.
Still, our survey showed nearly half of IT professionals continue to make this tradeoff, and if
you believe our experts, that number is being under-reported based on what they’re seeing.