Improving Engagement with Multi-Channel Service

In Aberdeen’s Trends in Customer Service 2012: Multi-Channel Edition
(November 2012), only 39% of organizations reported that they had been
able to drive improvements in customer satisfaction over the previous 12
months. An even lower percentage indicated success in enabling higher
rates of loyalty and retention.
This is not a recipe for success. Service is integral to business success and
forms the core of a customer management and engagement strategy. In
Aberdeen’s State of Service Management research survey, organizations
indicated that 81% of their revenues came from existing customers. These
organizations also stated that the cost of service and customer retention
was far lower than the cost of new customer acquisition.
Best-in-Class organizations (defined later) execute on a strategy that
supports the multi-channel nature of customer requests. These leading
organizations do not just open up their service infrastructures to
accommodate new channels, but also empower their teams to deliver an
effective and consistent experience regardless of the channel selected by the
customer. This document will highlight the key business capabilities that
support a Best-in-Class customer engagement strategy.