Your application teams are facing increased pressure to deliver more capabilities to the business faster than ever before.

This, in turn, places increased pressure on security operations teams to support faster deployments, while still enforcing compliance and security policies.

SecOps teams are up against profound challenges. They face a rapidly expanding threat landscape at the same time that business pressure often favours deployment of revenue-generating applications over strict adherence to security best practices. Application security is a growing priority as hackers focus their efforts on compromising applications to get to the data they front.

As a result, security teams are collaborating closely with application development teams to find better ways to improve the overall security posture by improving application security while adding as little friction to the application development and delivery processes as possible. While application teams do follow secure coding practices to varying degrees, auditing code to ensure consistent quality introduces a time-consuming constraint.

F5 BIG-IP Cloud Edition offers a new way to deliver application security services that support application teams’ need for greater flexibility and speed while enabling security operations teams to enforce consistent security policies across the entire application portfolio.