HPE Flexible Capacity: The Path to Hybrid IT

Today, IT leaders wrestle with a constant mismatch between IT capacity and capital expenditures.
In simple terms, the capacity you need and the capacity you have are never quite in synch. You either
have too little capacity, which threatens your ability to respond to new business opportunities, or too
much capacity, which ties up valuable capital in underutilized assets.
The business needs an agile IT foundation that can scale up quickly to accommodate growth and
power new initiatives. However, IT struggles to keep pace due to a lengthy procurement process.
To gain greater IT agility in an aordable manner, many are moving targeted workloads to the public
cloud, extending their IT capacity via quickly-procured services. The cloud can oer the benefits of
on-demand, pay-as-you-go IT capacity to help your organization respond quickly to business needs
while avoiding capital outlays and costly overprovisioning.

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