Holistic risk management: perspectives from IT professionals

Global organizations are increasingly emphasizing business resilience,
that is, the ability to adapt rapidly to a continuously changing business
environment. This movement has led to important changes in the roles
of IT professionals as they become progressively more engaged in
managing all types of risk confronting the organization.
That was the conclusion of Key trends driving global business resilience and
risk, a report written in September 2011 by the Economist Intelligence
Unit for IBM ¬based on an EIU survey of nearly 400 executives
worldwide. That study also found that traditional business continuity
plans—typically with a strong IT focus – remain critical, even as they
become part of a bigger picture and senior executives strengthen their
oversight of enterprise-wide risk management.
Nearly two-thirds of respondents polled in the survey agreed that
senior IT executives are expected to play a stronger role in developing
their organization’s business resilience strategy. This perception was
even more pronounced among CIOs and technology directors, with
only 12% disagreeing. Holistic risk management: perspectives from IT
professionals, a follow-on study, takes a closer look at these findings
through an IT prism. This report examines how the drive toward more
holistic risk management is affecting the day-to-day work of business
continuity planners, IT risk managers and security executives.