Four Reasons to Adjust Your Endpoint GRC Strategy

For years, organisations have had to protect desktop and notebook computers. Typically, these efforts have fallen under the purview of
different groups within a company, each of which would use its own
tools to ensure systems were backed up, the device was secure and not
compromised, and the corporate data was safeguarded to satisfy regulatory obligations.

Recently, the issues have become much more complex:
• Additional form factors are being
• Workers are more mobile
• Companies are losing control over
the use of many devices
• Workers frequently draw on their
work computers for personal use
• More data is subject to retention,
protection, and privacy rules and

As a result, efforts to protect today’s endpoint devices are now falling
under a broader umbrella, one that goes beyond simple device management, security, or backup. With the stakes higher due to changes in the way businesses operate and the increased liability from industry and government regulations, organisations must now focus on endpoint governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC).