Faster Server Refresh Cycles

Accelerate Business Agility with Faster Server Refresh Cycles

A fundamental people-process-technology transformation enables businesses to remain competitive in today’s innovation economy.

For IT, an agile, elastic, and scalable IT infrastructure forms the crucial underpinning for a superior service delivery model. The more up to date the infrastructure, the more capable it is of supporting the scale and complexity of a changing application landscape.

Via a recent study, IDC sought to measure the business value of refreshing the server infrastructure in enterprise IT departments and therefore the impact on business outcomes. Study participants described specific, recent server refreshes that have:

  • Enabled the business to convert opportunities into revenue streams.
  • Strengthened their credibility as the trusted and cost-effective partner for the business.

To serve as a catalyst of superior business outcomes, IT needs to take a systems approach to innovation and transformation.
This study shows that organizations can increase agility, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs — all by refreshing their infrastructure on a faster cadence. An up-to-date infrastructure enables IT to serve as a trusted partner that works together with the line of business to drive superior business outcomes. Faster infrastructure refresh can create a virtuous cycle in which IT teams free up financial and staff resources — that would have been otherwise consumed to maintain an aging infrastructure — to support broader and more strategic business initiatives.