Dell KACE Remote Management with Intel® vPro™ Technology White Paper: Effectively managing remote systems with hardware and startup issues

As organizations become more distributed, IT administrators increasingly face the challenge of managing multiple remote locations while remaining cost-conscious. Dell KACE™ K Series Systems Management Appliance solutions are based on best practices gained from implementing systems in organizations with varying technology needs, while always providing outstanding customer value. The Dell KACE Appliances offer remote control capabilities that allow IT administrators the ability to manage clients with KACE agents.
With the latest versions of Intel® vPro™ technology, KACE Appliances now offer better than ever remote management capabilities for systems, even when the KACE agents are not running, the system is blue-screened or has hardware or startup issues. This paper details how Dell KACE Appliances can be integrated with the Intel vPro technology to offer effective remote systems management and recovery.