Creating the Data Centre of the Future with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Most IT professionals today recognise that enterprise IT will be hybrid in the future. To provide the optimal foundation for each workload being deployed, the hybrid IT environment will include cloud-based infrastructures—from multiple providers—co-existing alongside infrastructure within the enterprise data centre or a hosted environment.

Regardless of infrastructure model, the IT organisation will expect cloud-like benefits; for example, pay-as-you-go capacity, the ability to scale as needed, and self-service capabilities. While such benefits are inherent in the hosted cloud, they are new to the on-premises data centre. To meet enterprise expectations, IT vendors are introducing solutions that tightly integrate compute, storage, networking, and services, often on purpose-built hardware. These “hyperconverged” solutions also typically overlay management and orchestration platforms that help to integrate various infrastructures, and create a seamless hybrid experience.

But not all hyperconverged solutions yield the same results. The right hyperconverged infrastructure can meet your IT needs both today and well into the future. In this paper, we will talk about where your data centre needs to be in the next five years to meet changing business demands, and how the roles of ITprofessionals will evolve.
We will also review “hyperconvergence” models, and how they can best meet your IT needs both today and in the future, as well as the benefits you can expect along the way. Finally, we discuss what to look for in the right hyperconverged provider, who will position your IT department for success.

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