Cloud Storage—The Issues and Benefits

Remote or cloud-based storage solutions have been around for many years. The
pendulum between local onsite storage (and control) and cloud-based storage services
has swung several times over the course of storage technology development. Storage
location and control has changed with the dominance of mainframes, client/servers,
and PCs, and the changes in price and capabilities of storage. Cloud technology is the
latest iteration of this trend, providing additional flexibility for storage users.
As cloud technology develops it can be difficult to define its capabilities and benefits;
however, there are two areas of cloud computing that have some very persuasive benefits:
cloud storage and cloud backup and recovery.
While storage and backup in the cloud are slightly different services for slightly different needs,
they both allow users to scale storage space requirements to meet expanding requirements,
improve manageability, and can be integrated easily to back up almost all aspects of a
business’s data requirements, from server to laptop. Though cloud-based solutions have been
around for many years, the success of companies such as, the advances in
technology, and the greater economic benefits seem to have produced a tipping point.