Channel and the cloud: opportunities, challenges and what businesses really think

Set against the backdrop of an ever-changing market, it is becoming clear that IT resellers,
VARs and distributors are adapting in order to remain relevant. With the advent of cloud, this is becoming even more of an issue, with channel businesses changing not only their portfolios,
but their business models, sales approaches and company culture as well.

Pulsant commissioned Censuswide, independent B2B research organisation, to conduct a study
focused on finding out what these channel business are doing to manage this shift and how cloud
is affecting their organisation. What follows in this report are the key findings of the research,
a look at the current state of the industry and a glimpse into what the future looks like.

Key findings
• Growth in the channel is widespread — 97% of businesses in the survey said they’d grown
in the last 12 months
• Challenges still abound —33% of respondents cited service delivery as the biggest issue
• Cloud is the answer —46% said increasing revenue streams was the biggest opportunity
cloud presented; while 90% of IT resellers had actually added cloud to their portfolio
• Opportunities are being realised —96% of those surveyed stated their cloud opportunities
have come to fruition