Workspace Whitepapers

Helping The Business Work Smarter, Not Harder

IT is constantly being challenged to find new ways that technology can help businesses do more with less. Today, delivering cost savings is table stakes. IT must find new ways to get business done faster and better — not just cheaper. IT can move beyond cost containment and become a strategic business partner through innovative

How the World Defies Distance

The work place is continuing to evolve and communication technology is playing a major role in driving this transformation. Forward thinking organizations are no longer constrained by office or country location. This survey found that respondents believe video conferencing has become one of the most effective technologies in the world for enabling face-to-face or human collaboration

Optimizing Customer Interactions through the Contact Center

IT managers must adhere to the rule of keeping it simple. While all IT departments are restrained in one way or another, SMBs find themselves doing much more with the same or fewer resources. Moreover, contact centers are one of the most complex business operations, technologically speaking, and IT managers are asked to help maintain

How Emerging Trends are Affecting Contact Center Operations

Contact centers are often viewed as the heartbeat behind an organization since this operation serves as the main point of connection between the business and its customers. As technology advances and customer demands change, contact centers must follow suit and adapt to new trends. The cloud, mobile devices and many other innovations have influenced the approach to contact center

Vulnerability Management

The spectacular and headline-grabbing cyber attacks in which thousands of data records are stolen are in no way just the result of a stroke of genius from highly talented hackers. In fact they are increasingly brought about by criminals who have managed to get through without expensive equipment and professional programming knowledge. They use exploits

Top 10 reasons to strengthen information security with desktop virtualization

The tension between security and business productivity has never been so acute. To operate at peak performance and competitiveness, organizations need workers to access enterprise resources in more places and in more ways than ever before—but the resulting proliferation of work locations, types of workers and access methods has pushed traditional security strategies to the

How can Content-Aware Identity and Access Management give me the control I need to confidently move my business forward?

Managing the identities and access rights of those inside and outside the enterprise has become a primary concern for IT organizations today. Reducing IT risk, meeting regulatory requirements, and increasing efficiencies are all central to your business. At the same time, you need to develop new and innovative ways of expanding your business, as well

How To Choose A Business Printer

Printers are all too often overlooked in an IT purchasing strategy – and this is a great shame. Your printers directly produce the material customers and business partners see, and they also represent a large and mostly unmanaged cost to your business. Recent research found that most organisations are blissfully unaware of the financial costs