Stack to the future: The path to hybrid cloud has never been clearer

Hybrid, the natural evolution of cloud.


Hybrid has been touted as the way forward, the natural evolution of cloud. And it is hardly surprising given the ways in which cloud can be used to add value to organisations, drive innovation and optimise efficiencies.

The cloud market has moved on at pace since its first widespread adoption with significant barriers like security
concerns and skills shortages largely overcome. The new kid on the block, as far as cloud is concerned, is the idea of hybrid or multi-cloud. This is essentially combining public and private cloud models in order to get the best of both worlds; the cost savings of large-scale public cloud, combined with the security of private cloud.

That’s where we find ourselves today, as businesses, trying to fully realise the benefits that a hybrid cloud environment can deliver. According to the 2017 RightScale State of the Cloud survey, 85% of enterprises currently have a multicloud strategy, up from 82% last year.

Azure Stack is Microsoft’s new hybrid cloud platform that will allow organisations to deliver Azure services from their own datacentres in a way that is consistent with public Azure. AMP Launch Pad is the ideal way to familiarise yourself with Azure Stack, and even public Azure services if you have never used them before or have had limited exposure.

Why you should use AMP Launch Pad:

  • Your organisation’s first impression of Azure Stack (and possibly Azure) services.
  • A single host that you can put together and deploy on your own.
  • A non-production deployment of Azure Stack.
  • A great place to start when exploring hybrid and/ or modern application development.

The premise of hybrid cloud is simple: getting the benefits of both cloud models, while negating the downsides. And the benefits are plenty — from cost savings, better ROI and streamlining operations, to agility, flexibility and better meeting compliance and security requirements. It is a big technological step forward and the best way to get to grips with Azure Stack and the way it will impact your business, your operational processes and your staff is to try out Launch Pad. As a proof of concept, it is a low cost, simplified way to overcome the barriers to entry and fully understand the value that the technology can bring to your organisation