True hybrid, true benefits

The next evolution of cloud is here

Technology has changed the face of business. What began as mere tools to run a more efficient operation transformed into a complete ecosystem of technology services and solutions that form the beating heart of business itself.

Cloud computing is the perfect example of this. Initially seen as a way to make organisations more efficient and bring cost savings to operations in terms of moving to OPEX models, cloud has matured to such a degree that it has evolved into an enabling force within business — driving areas such as innovation, productivity and even leading to changes in business models. It is only the companies that reinforce this move to strategic and results-driven technology that develop success in the fast-paced changing world of cloud.

And it is a fast-changing world; one that continues to develop and mature. The next step is exemplified by the launch of Microsoft Azure Stack, which is a move from a traditional hybrid approach, to a true hybrid cloud solution.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to introduce Azure Stack — Microsoft’s new hybrid cloud platform that will allow organisations to deliver Azure services from their own datacentres. We will look at the applications and benefits of Azure Stack, while framing it within the larger hybrid
cloud environment.

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