LEAD IN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY    Billions of connected devices are now communicating on the Internet of Things(IoT)Artificial Intelligence(AI) and machine learning are driving instantaneous insight and faster decision making. And today’s real-time business networks are accelerating the pace of business itself-bringing together customers, employees, partners, and assets in a hyperconnected world.  OPTIMIZE AND INNOVATE


INTRODUCTION Today, data is everywhere. It streams in from connected devices at dizzying speeds, in an array of formats, from billions of users. Big Data is often cast as an opportunity, but only for businesses that are structured to handle its volume and diversity. For other companies, the flood of data can represent a risk—that

Data Genomics Project

The Data Genomics Project It is an initiative designed to change the way we think about managing data. Veritas founded the initiative to bring a community of like-minded data scientists, industry experts, and thought leaders together with the purpose of better understanding the true nature of the unstructured data that we are creating, storing, and


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure In recent years, more and more organizations have moved away from purely physical desktops to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). A related recent development in the data center is converged infrastructure (CI).CI is often implemented as an appliance. Computing appliances have been used for many years for specific purposes, such as storage (SAN)

CSI Companies-VxRail

Delivering exceptional IT performance for the right people solutions at the right time   VxRail Appliance in CSI companies The CSI Companies consists of four entities plus affiliate Anteo Group that provide staffing and specialized services to meet a wide range of client needs. The CSI Companies has been named one of the top 25

TCO Study: Dell EMC VxRail vs. DIY HCI Using vSAN ReadyNodes

TCO Study This paper presents the results of a three-year total cost of ownership (TCO) study comparing Dell EMC™ VxRail™ appliances and an equivalent do-it-yourself (DIY) solution of standalone server hardware and software from the VMware vSAN ReadyNode™ (hardware compatibility list) configurations. For both options, we modeled total hardware capital expense, total software capital expense

VxRail P470F VS HC series

Empower your databases with strong, efficient, scalable performance   VxRail P470F Vs HC series Databases are often the driving force behind a company’s mission-critical work. They power online stores, confidential records, and customer management systems, so a solution that sustains high levels of database work can be a big advantage as your company grows. The

Webroot Threat Report

What’s inside: The Webroot Perspective Continued predominance of polymorphic malware Still millions of malicious IP addresses Incredible percentage of High Risk URLs Escalating threats from phishing attacks Alarming numbers of malicious apps Conclusion About Webroot